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Renovate 3 Aquatic Herbicide - 1 Qt.

Renovate 3 (liquid) is an aquatic herbicide labeled for control of submersed, emersed and floating plants in and around aquatic sites such as ponds, lakes, reservoirs, non-irrigation canals, ditches, marshes and wetlands.

The active ingredient in Renovate 3 - triclopyr - rapidly enters through the target plant's leaves and stems, interfering with plant metabolism, and providing systemic control of susceptible plant species. The herbicidal power of Renovate 3 impacts most dicot (broadleaf) plants, while having little to no impact on most monocots (grassy type species), providing an excellent tool for aquatic ecosystem restoration programs.

The application methods for Renovate 3 consist of surface (aerial, ground or watercraft equipment) or sub-surface applications targeting submersed, emersed and floating plants. Renovate 3 is highly effective in selectively targeting purple loosestrife, water hyacinth, water primrose and other susceptible emerged or floating plant species using a foliar/surface application technique. A sub-surface application targeting submerged weeds, such as Eurasian watermilfoil, can be effective when applying to large target areas and/or shallow water sites.

Renovate 3 carries no restrictions on recreational use such as swimming and fishing, or on livestock consumption of water from the treatment area. Renovate 3 can be used near active potable water intakes. Please see labels for specific precautions.