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I ordered this product in the next day realized I did not need it. I tried to stop the sale. I emailed customer service and never got a response besides the automated response saying they received my email. I received the product that was supposed to be overnighted and came a week later. I again, emailed customer service to return this item and I’ve only received the automated response. It has been several days.

Growing great so far!

My front yard is shaded by two large cherry trees. Grasses don't do well in our nitrogen poor soil, but the clover is thriving in these conditions so far. Recommended.

Grows great!

My front yard is shaded by two large cherry trees. Grasses don't do well in our nitrogen poor soil, but the clover is thriving in these conditions so far. Recommended.

Clearfield Lonesome Dove Sunflower Seeds - 5 Lbs.

works great

Q4 Plus Herbicide - 1 Quart

Pramitol 25E Herbicide - 1 Gallon
Benjamin R. Fietkau
1 gal order of Pramitol 25E from Seed Barn

My neighbor who ownes a landscape business says this is the best ground kill product. Ordering from Seed Barn gave me a low price, free shipping, and quick delivery (good service).

Our go-to fertilizer

This product gives a beautiful lush green lawn that will be the envy of the neighborhood. Our Bermuda lawn looks great all season. Different packaging but the same quality product. Easy to apply.

Mini Roses - 1 Gallon
Beverly Kojder

My roses arrived and look good. Only hope they do well!

Lawn Saver

Since St. Augustine is a weed, this is the weed killer that doesn't kill it. This product only kills the other weeds leaving me with a lush emerald green lawn.

Midnight seed

Very Good Seed will buy again


In the pass the centipede seeds was purple. This year they are yellow.

Brown Top Millet FEED Seed
Casey Schroader

Brown Top Millet FEED Seed



Only place to buy quality product at great prices

Love this place

Invisible mini rose

Where’s it at? I never received it, UPS says there’s a label but they haven’t received the package from the store. Can someone get it to me please?

Probably one of the best seeds on the market

We have been watching the seed grow from a month or so ago as well as recently and was so impressed with it that we have made plans to order when the need arrives.

Poor customer service

Never recieved order, shipping number never updated. Emailed twice and called 2 different number and no response or answer.

Not a happy customer

I purchased two boxes (2x5 0.35 oz packets) of the cockroach Insecticide and I also bought a gentrol IGR. However, I only received one box with 2, 0.35 ounce packets in it. I am still owed one box which is five and then the rest of what was supposed to be any other box which is three so I’m old 8, 0.35 Packages. I’ve tried to call you guys several times left a message. Nobody will call me back. I’ve left a couple of reviews and nothing so I’d like to get to be taken care of and this wrong to be made right thank you otherwise the product works very well.

Falcon IV is the best!

We have a backyard with a downward slope. Had drains redone to fix some runoff problems. Then had dirt brought in and Falcon IV seeding in the fall and followed up with extra seeding over winter and now with our wet spring, it looks magnificent!!

Order never sent

Seed Barn never sent us our order and kept saying in a few days … still has not been shipped despite multiple phone calls. I will never do business with Seed Barn again. Worst service and experience and as of today still no product and haven’t received a refund.

Best Fire ant killer ever...

I use this to kill those blessed little fire ants. 1oz oil and 2 oz dawn dish soap (approx) in a gallon of water, pour it on and poke holes with 3 ft stick till it caves in and the little joys don't come back ....hehehe

Poor Service - Unresponsive - Unreachable

It is 3 weeks since purchase and they still haven't shipped my order. Seed Barn seems to be a fake company. They don't answer the phone and emails are non-responsive. Address used is the same as other seed companies.

Never delivered after 14 days

Still waiting for the Diquat to be delivered. I called and was told it would be sent out immediately. That was 2 days ago so we shall see if it eventually comes.

I didn’t receive all my product

I didn’t receive my product. I only received one box with two little envelopes in it of poison when there should’ve been five in two boxes in each one. However, I had to buy some from somewhere else because you guys didn’t send them to me. I’ve called several times. Left you a message and, wrote a review and you still haven’t contacted me it’s kind of ridiculous