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Optigard Ant Bait Gel - 1 tube

Bahia Grass Seeed

Is growing fast, is 1" tall and filling. I'll keep you up to date.

Great service!

Fash delivery! Excellent product for shade and sun!

Great customer service. Products as described

It works

Weather Change

I'm confident as soon as it wrms up again down here in the South, those seeds will pop out of the dirt in a hurry. I had to wait a week for rain to show up, then I got thm out there just in time for a blast of rain! Thanks, I'll let you know!

White Dutch Clover

I'm broadcasting WDC in the bare spots of my yard. I don't plan on mowing those areas. Instead,just let the nitrogen enrich the soil & the flowers feed the pollinators. I put it down about 1 1/2 weeks ago. It has sprouted already in many areas. I'm trying this as an alternative to water hungry grass !

I teted a small patch of it up on the field, and it sems to be doing okay, but were in a drought. As it happens, it began to rain an hour ago, so I should see a good result. Thanks, and God Blss all of you for your hard work

Dead Weeds

This stuff does what it says it will do, sprayed on weeds, clover, crabgrass and the weeds turned white
like the direction said it would in a few days.
Happy with the results.

Exterminator approved and recommended!

Having moved into a home that was infested with roaches, this is what all the exterminators recommend for "do it yourself". This is the product I'll always use from here on out. Nip it in the bud and then maintenance so they never come back! If you plan to use this, add in an insect growth regulator to be sure they can’t reach adult stage. This is the magic combo!!! I’d give this product 10 stars if possible!

Gordon's Trimec Lawn Weed Killer - 1 Gallon

Great Seed at a Reasonable Price

Seed was shipped and received promptly after it was ordered. Seed has been great!

Dithane M-45 Fungicide - 6 oz.
Peggy Schallenberg

Dithane M-45 Fungicide - 6 oz.


quick shipping, product great


I have to use a soil acidifier on my potatoes to keep scab off. This stuff did ok but didn't stop all scab, either it doesn't work as well as some or I didn't put it on heavy enough. Not terribly impressed with this stuff.

Weed Pro Glyphosate 41% (Roundup) - 1 Pint.


Just planted 5 & going to order more! They are healthy & came well packed w/no lost soil or mess! The price was the best I could've imagined for such lovely knock out roses! We Love Them!

Cooper Sulfate

This product work on my pool to eliminate algae also best price on the web. Thanks

cover crop

The seed germinated fast, well pleased


Could not get this through any other site (Amazon, the manufacturer etc.)

Triple for One!

The Bloomables Head Over Heels Hibiscus I purchased came potted with three individual plants. I know this, because I like to wash away any soil surrounding the roots of gotten plants. Lo and behold, three plants for the price of one!

Rackmaster Fall Deer Food Plot Seed Mix - 5 Lbs

Great Service

I was looking for a specific fertilizer and the See Barn had it at a good price with free shipping. Shipping was quick and I received updates through the delivery process

Worked as good as I hoped

Dispatched yellow jackets nest in exterior wall of my home. Spray wasp spray had no effect.

Loaded a section of 3/8 id vinyl tubing with powder. This was supported by running inside a 5 foot section of 3/4 inch pvc pipe. A poof with air hose dispensed into hole in my siding, repeated next morning but saw no living critters. Opened wall and removed larva and nests.

Thanks! This is my new sure fire answer for wasps and such..

Great Value

These turnip seeds were packaged well, easy to plant and now I am just waiting on the deer to find them. If they don't, then I have a side dish for supper. Win-win as far as I am concerned. Will be back for more.