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Louisiana S-1 White Clover Seed - 50 Lbs.

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Louisiana S-1 White Cloveris a persistent, long-lived cultivar of intermediate height, bred for better heat and drought tolerance than the Ladino variety and well-suited to the southern United States. This pasture legume is often mixed with perennial grasses and grows well with orchardgrass. It flowers throughout the growing season, attracting pollinators, and is an excellent forage source.
Seeding information: plant in September or October, approximately 40 days before the first killing frost, 1/4"-1/2" deep. White clover does well in loam, clay-loam, and wet bottom soils with a pH of 6-7. Rate: 2-3 lbs./acre as part of a mix or 4-10 lbs./acre alone; overseed at a rate of 2-3 lbs./acre