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Clover Seeds

Seed Barn Clover Seeds

With more than 100 varieties of clover seeds available here at Seed Ranch, your choices seem almost endless. Micro clover seed, not sold as a straight variety but only mixed in with your choice of grass seed (up to 10% micro clover maximum). This combination produces dark green, low-maintenance, healthy lawns resistant to both drought and disease.

Crimson Clover Seed is a beautiful, colorful annual forage plant with bright red flowers often seeded into warm-weather pastures containing perennial grasses. White Dutch Clover can be bought either raw or nitro-coated and inoculated and is favored for use in lawn seed mixtures because it grows fast and dependable. Alyce Clover Seed is a good choice for attracting wildlife and contains approximately 15% protein. Ball Clover Seed is excellent for attracting honeybees!