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Malathion 50% E.C. Insecticide "Mosquito Control" - 1 Pint

  • Broad Spectrum insecticide
  • Controls insects on many ornamentals, fruit & vegetables
  • Labeled for Mosquito Control
Contains: 50% Malathion (4.4 lbs. per gal).

Use On: Citrus, ornamentals, listed vegetables, listed fruit trees, rice, strawberries and in outdoor areas.

Controls: Aphids, scale, worms, japanese beetle, horn flies, lice, ticks, fleas, bed bugs, thrip, leafminers, spider mites and mosquitoes (use at 4 1/2 oz per gallon in outdoor areas)

Rate:Foliar Sprays 1 - 4 tsp. per gallon water. See label.

Application: As a full coverage foliar spray.

Product Label