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Mavrik Aquaflow Insecticide Miticide - 1 Quart

Mavrik Aquaflow Insecticide/Miticide
Mavrik Aquaflow Insecticide/Miticide provides immediate and long term control for insect control on greenhouse flowers and foliage, cuttings and on ornamental plantings, trees, shrubs and plantscapes. The fast-acting formulation kills a broad spectrum of greenhouse and nursery pests on contact or through ingestion.
Mavrik Aquaflow insecticide is non-phytotoxic, even on open blooms, which makes it ideal for all plants. Available in tip-n-measure containers, Mavrik Aquaflow insecticide has flexible use rates to provide professional growers an economical tool for fighting insect infestations.
Rate of use: 4-10 fl. oz. in water to make 100 gallons of solution
Active ingredient: 22.3% Tau-fluvalinate

For commercial use only.

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