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Sweet Corn Applause Synergistic Hybrid Seed - 1 Packet

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Applause Synergistic Yellow Hybrid Sweet Corn Seeds

Mid-season, yellow hybrid developed by Crookham Co., synergistic is a combination of both supersweet and sugary enhanced parents. 8" ear length with 16 rows of crunch and sweetness grow on single stalk 80" plant height. Good husk cover and excellent vigor makes this hybrid a must for all bodacious lovers. Non-genetically engineered seeds.

Sowing 1" (2.5 cm.) deep, in well tilled, very fertile soil of 60-65 degrees is optimal. Synergistics must be separated from other super sweet varieties and 600' away from field corn. Space rows about 3' (90 cm.) apart, in full sun, thin to 12" (30 cm.) apart. Moderately tolerant to Stewart's Wilt.

Harvest:75 days, when silks are brown and dry. Well suited for home garden and fresh market. Holds flavor several days after peak maturity.

Nutrition: Vitamins A, C, and iron.

Steam 3-4 minutes or cook at boil 4-5 minutes. Blanch to freeze or can.

Planting depth: 1" (2.5 cm.)
Seed spacing: 6" (15 cm.)
Spacing between rows: 36" (90 cm.)
Days to germination: 6-8
Spacing after thinning: 12" (30 cm.)
Days to maturity: 75