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Advion WDG Granular Insecticide Concentrate - 16.5 Oz.

Arilon Insecticide

Arilon insecticide from Syngenta Professional Pest Management is the only sprayable oxadiazine product available, meaning it is a non-neonicotinoid, non-pyrethoid product that can be applied multiple ways in multiple settings to control more than 20 pests including ants, beetles, cockroaches, fleas and more.* Arilon is formulated as a dry concentrate, which can be mixed with water and applied as a low-odor, non-clogging and non-staining spray. This makes Arilon convenient to store, carry, prepare, use and clean up after.
  • Differentiates between target and non-target insects with a unique mode of action
  • Non-pyrethroid, non-neonicotinoid formulation allows for use indoors as a spot or crack-and-crevice application, or outdoors as a perimeter application up to a 10-foot band
  • Provides excellent control at high-volume rates, offering comprehensive coverage while allowing Pest Management Professionals (PMPs) to save money on product costs
  • Ideal for use in sensitive areas such as food-handling establishments (see product label)

Active ingredient: Indoxacarb 20%

This 8.25 oz. bottle makes up to 25 finished gallons of solution.

*The new Arilon label is not approved for use in the state of California.