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Kentucky 32 Tall Fescue Grass Seed - 10 Lbs.

Kentucky 32 Tall Fescue (Endophyte Free)

Kentucky 32 tall fescue is the New Choice in tall fescue for forage and turf. Starting with a base of Kentucky 31 maternal plants, these were topcrossed with three superior tall fescues and three cycles of selection were performed to bring forth Kentucky 32.

Tested around the country for both forage and turf applications, Kentucky 32 is unique in that it has the persistence of Kentucky 31 without the endophyte fungus, and will produce high yields of forage as well as give great performance as a turf grass in those regions where both summer and winter can be especially tough on turf. Kentucky 32 withstands heat and drought and its vigorous growth outcompetes weeds, diseases, and insect infestations.

With proper management as either a forage or a turf, the growth habit of Kentucky 32 makes for strong plants with deep roots and large, vigorous crowns. Kentucky 32 doesn't need endophytes, whether they are livestock friendly or not, to be persistent. Kentucky 32 relies on superior genetics for plant strength and vigor.

Seeding rate: drill 25-30 lbs./acre, no deeper than 1/2 inch.