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Ferromec Liquid Iron 15-0-0 Fertilizer - 2.5 Gallons

FeRROMEC Liquid Iron 15-0-0 Fertilizer

FeRROMEC Liquid Iron 15-0-0 is a nitrogen/sulfur/iron formulation designed to promote plant growth and quick green-up in turf and ornamentals. Iron and additional micronutrient chlorosis can be a major cause for concern even if adequate N-P-K fertilizers have been applied.

FeRROMEC creates a nitrogen-iron bond that acts like a chelate. By putting iron in an available form, FeRROMEC insures plant production of chlorophyll, causing a rapid shift to the dark green color most desired.

FeRROMEC is most effective when plants are growing rapidly, and may be sprayed directly on the foliage for quick leaf absorption. FeRROMEC is compatible with most pesticides, and is labeled for use on many labeled northern and southern turf grasses, shrubs, and trees.
  • Promotes rapid plant green-up
  • Is a nitrogen/sulfur/iron formulation to boost plant vigor
  • Corrects iron chlorosis
  • Is economical and easy to apply
  • Doesn't burn when used per label directions

Rate of application: for foliar application on ornamental plants, mix 8 oz. per 25 gallons of water and apply as a full coverage spray. See label for complete instructions and soil or turf application rates.
Guaranteed Analysis: 15% Total Nitrogen (Urea) 3% Sulfur (Combined) 6% Iron
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