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Verdanta EcoVita 7-5-10 Organic Fertilizer - 40 Lbs.

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Verdanta EcoVita 7-5-10 Organic Granular Fertilizer

EcoVita is derived from 100% organic sources that are suitable for use in organic production. EcoVita provides long-lasting and continuous feeding for up to 100 days. EcoVita is a general purpose organic fertilizer suitable for many crops. The organic nutrient sources in EcoVita provide slow, but continuous release of nutrition to ornamental or vegetable crops. EcoVita is also useful as a top dressing for fuiting vegetables and as base nutrition for potted plants. Nutrients are gradually released by microbial activity that promotes better rooting and less leaching. Verdanta EcoVita is not a blend of sepearate particles of each nutrient source. The ingredietns it contains are carefully formulated into homogeneous (uniform in composition) Minigran granules for better nutrient distribution and availability.
Rate of use: Between 10 - 50 lb. per 1000 sq. ft. See product label for full details.
Guaranteed Analysis: Nitrogen - 7% Available Phosphate - 5% Soluble Potash - 10%
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