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Arena 0.25g Insecticide - 30 Lbs.

Arena 0.25 G Insecticide Granular

Don't settle for insecticides that give up control early. Get the best control and the longest-lasting residual out there: Arena Insecticide. Arena works both preventively and curatively for outstanding control of white grubs and a broad spectrum of other pests with a single application. Arena delivers:

  • Longest residual + preventive and curative grub control
  • Broad spectrum control of tough soil- and surface-feeding insects including European & Northern masked chafer, Japanese beetle and other white grubs plus annual bluegrass weevil, crane fly larvae, nuisance ants, billbugs and Southern chinch bugs
  • Curative grub control equal to or better than Dylox G
  • Arena 0.25 G does not need to be immediately watered-in post application, saving time and labor

Arena 0.25 G Insecticide can be applied to turf at 80 to 160 lbs per acre. The rate is dependent on the target pest(s), their stage of development and the desired of control. Multiple applications can be made but do not exceed the maximum amount per year (160 lbs/A).

Active ingredient:
0.25% Clothianidin

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