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Slug-Fest All Weather Molluscicide - 1 Gallon

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Slug-Fest All Weather Molluscicide

Slug-Fest All Weather Formula contains 25% metaldehyde in a liquid formulation. This is the only liquid sprayable slug and snail control in the world. Slug-Fest is highly efficacious as a slug and snail eradicant. This product is best applied right after it has rained so you know the slugs or snails are active.

Metaldehyde is a systemic toxin. There is no antidote. There is no home treatment. Exposed individuals and animals should recieve emergency care as quickly as possible.

Rate of use: Between 1 and 10 fl. oz. in ten gallons of water per treated 1,000 sq. ft. See product label for full details.

Active Ingredients: Metaldehyde - 25%

Product Label