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Citadel Chlormequat Plant Growth Regulator - 1 Gallon

Citadel Ornamental Plant Growth Regulator

Citadel provides effective PGR activity on a broad range of containerized crops, such as poinsettia, geraniums, azaleas, hibiscus, bedding plants and other herbaceous and woody ornamentals. By inhibiting the biosynthesis of gibberellins, Citadel reduces plant height by limiting internode elongation.
Citadel can be applied alone or tank-mixed with other plant growth regulators such as Dazide 85 WSG (85% daminozide) to produce higher-quality plants. On certain crops a tank mix of Citadel and Dazide 85 WSG can provide a synergistic effect that results in enhanced activity.
Rate of use: 600-2000 ppm (.66-2.17 fl. oz./gallon of water), depending on the crop and desired results. See label for complete instructions.
Active ingredient:11.8% Chlormequat Chloride

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