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Fascination Plant Growth Regulator - 64 Oz.

Fascination Plant Growth Regulator
Fascination Plant Growth Regulator is an effective tool for more presentable, more marketable Easter and LA hybrid lilies and ornamentals. A unique combination of two plant growth regulators, Fascination prevents leaves from yellowing, increases flower size, improves flower number, enhances the life of a flower and advances overall plant vigor and growth.
Rate of application: 5-10 ppm in water (1.1-2.1 mL/gallon) for first two applications; 100 ppm (21 mL/gallon) for third application. See label for complete instructions.
Active ingredients:
1.8% N-(phenylmethyl)-1H-purine 6-amine 1.8% Gibberellins 4 and 7

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