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Topflor Ornamental PGR - 5 Gallons

Topflor Granular Ornamental Plant Growth Regulator

Topflor Plant Growth Regulator is for use on ornamental plants grown in containers in nurseries, greenhouses, and shadehouses. Use of Topflor effectively reduces internode elongations through the inhibition of gibberllin biosyntheses, resulting in a more desireable compact plant. Topflor has been shown to increase the quality of plants even in the absence of growth reduction. Some of these desireable qualities include darker leaf color, higher chlorophyll content, greater leaf thickness, stronger stems, and decreased water loss. When used as directed, Topflor produces no phytotoxic effects. Do not reuse pots, trays, or other containers that previously were used in the production of a crop that was treated with Topflor. Rate of use:
Plants absorb Topflor through foliage, stems, and roots. Topflor may be applied as a spray, drench, or chemigation to achieve the desired plant height control.
Spray: Apply uniformly at a rate of 1 gallon per 200 sq. ft. See product label for dilution rates. (For desired concentration of 5 ppm a.i., use 0.16 fl. oz. per gallon solution)Drench: Generally, a volume of 2 fl. oz. is required to treat a 4-inch pot or 4 fl. oz. for treatment of a 6-inch pot. Typical application rate is 1 gallon of drench solution (typically 0.25 ppm - 10 ppm as a.i.) per 32 six inch potted plants.
Active Ingredients: Flurprimidol - 0.38%

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