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Cleary 3336 DG Lite Granular Fungicide - 30 Lbs.

Cleary 3336 DG Lite Granular Fungicide

Clearys 3336 DG Lite Granular Fungicide provides prevention and control of turf diseases and the diseases of annual and perennial flowers, bedding plants, foliage plants, ground covers, plus deciduous and evergreen trees and shrubs. It is formulated with patented granular dispersing technology. Mixed with water, the particles quickly disperse, enabling easier and more consistent application as well as better penetration into the plant root zone.
Rate of use: for turf, use 1.5-9 lbs./1000 sq. ft., depending on disease to be treated. See label for details.

Active ingredient:
2.08% Thiophanate-methyl

Product Label