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Dalkeith Subterranean Clover Seed - 20 Lbs.

Dalkeith Excellent Pasture Clover

Key Features

  • Early season maturity 97 days to flowering (Perth)
  • Good early root growth and establishment
  • Good hard seed levels
  • Demonstrates good persistence
  • Outclassed by Losa


Dalkeith belongs to the Trifolium subterraneum ssp. Subterraneum family
and demonstrates a prostrate to semi-erect growth habit. It persists
well on various soil types and has early maturity, requiring a minimum
growing season of four months. It has a high hard seed level, which in
combination with its early maturity, makes it well suited to low rainfall
cropping rotations. Dalkeith is a superior replacement to Daliak and has
taken upwell in the 350 to 600mm rainfall zones. It is susceptible to a
range of diseases, however, most of these occur in higher rainfall

Dalkeith Subterranean Clover Seed - first developed in Australia, Dalkeith is an excellent cool season clover for wildlife. Dalkeith can also be used in a mixture (such as annual rye) as an excellent pasture clover. Dalkeith clover has an excellent reseed rate (45%) and will reseed better if grazed (after establishment). This makes for a clover crop that has a strong seed reserve built up in the soil and thus should produce for many years.

  • Dalkeith is well suited to temperate areas receiving 14 to 24 inches of rainfall
  • Dalkeith has a semi erect growth pattern.
  • Persists well in various soil types. Soil Ph of 5.0-7.0 light to heavy soils that are moderately well drained
  • Suitable for low rainfall cropping rotations due to minimum growing season of 4 months

A better variety than Mt. Barker.
NB: This Clover is not for high rainfall areas.

Planting Information For Dalkeith Clover:

  • Date: In the fall after the rains
  • Rate (dense stand): Dry - 14-22 Lbs. per 2.5 acres; Irrigated - 22- 33 Lbs. per 2.5 acre; Mixed 9 to 22 lbs. per 2.5 acres
  • Depth: 1/3 to 1/2 inches
  • Seedbed: Your seedbed or growth area should be moist and free of grass.