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Pyrethrin Concentrate Botanical Insecticide - 8 oz.

Pyrethrin Concentrate Botanical Insecticide

Contains .96% Pyrethrins and 9.6% Piperonyl Butoxide

Pyrethrin Concentrate is an organic insecticide made from the relative of the Chrysanthemum.

USE ON: Many vegetables, ornamentals, livestock, pets and in households & barns, as space spray and to control mosquitoes outdoors.


Vegetables and ornamentals: Aphids, whiteflies, beetles, and worms.
Pets & Livestock: fleas, mites, lice, flies, gnats and mosquitoes.
Households and other areas; ants roaches, silverfish, spiders and many others.
Space Spray: mosquitoes, flies, wasps and others.

RATE: Vegetables and Ornamentals: 2/3 – 2 teaspoons per gallon

Can be used as spray or dip.

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