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Andersons 24-0-8 St Augustine Fertilizer - 50 lbs.

Andersons 24-0-8 St Augustine Fertilizer - 50 lbs.

  • Patented dispersing granule formula, which greatly reduces fertilizer loss due to ball, shoe, & mower pickup
  • Ideal for frequent, lower nitrogen applications to maintain turf quality
  • Contains MUtech-L Nitrogen
  • Contains Dimension Turf Herbicide to provide control of listed annual grasses and broadleaf weeds in established lawns and ornamental turfs

This product is a herbicide that provides control of crabgrass and other annual grasses and broadleaf weeds in established lawns and ornamental turfs, including golf course fairways, roughs, and tee boxes. This product will not harm nearby established ornamentals when used according to label directions.

With DG Technology, particles are more rapidly and efficiently broken down.

Upon contact with water, each DG granule disperses into thousands of micro particles that move through the turf canopy into the root zone. This level of dispersibility delivers precise nutrient delivery, while eliminating issues associated with runoff and nutrient loss.

No Mower Pickup
Following irrigation, DG products immediately begin dispersing down into the soil, eliminating mower pickup and delivering 100% of the applied nutrients right where you need them. Mower pickup of conventional granular fertilizers is reported to be as high as 15-25%.

No Particle Movement
DG products disperse quickly and completely when watered, moving directly into the soil. In a heavy rain or over-irrigation, conventional fertilizers may float and be carried off the intended application area, or be deposited in low lying areas, where they may cause damage.

No Mower Damage or Residual Shells
DG particles do not rely on a physical coating to release nutrients. Coated fertilizers (used by our competitors) are very susceptible to damage from mowers, resulting in premature nutrient release.

Less Interruption of Play
The fact that products utilizing our DG Technology require less watering to disperse the nutrient granules means that you can enjoy less downtime, along with a drier and firmer playing surface.

No Sticky Residue
With DG Technology, you can enjoy a line of products that melt directly into the soil. The result is no sticky fertilizer residue, which can accumulate on shoes, balls and other equipment.