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Imperial Whitetail PowerPlant Seed - 50 Lbs.

Imperial Power Plant (Annual) Food Plot Seed

Seeding Rate: 50 Lbs. will cover 2 Acres.

Looking for a spring/summer annual that will deliver high protein tonnage and handle heavy grazing?

Imperial Whitetail PowerPlant is a blend of specially selected annuals that’s specifically designed to provide deer with lots of protein during the spring and summer. PowerPlant can withstand grazing better than other bean and pea plantings. In fact, once PowerPlant establishes, it can even continue to grow as deer feed on it. At the heart of PowerPlant are vining forage soybean and peas that don’t get stemmy like agricultural soybeans can. PowerPlant also includes Sunn Hemp and small amounts of sunflowers to act as a lattice for the vining legumes to climb and maximize production instead of growing along the ground.

  • Designed to provide high protein and massive tonnage during the antler growing, fawning and lactating times of late spring and summer
  • Includes a true forage-type, vining soybean that can tolerate heavy grazing better than agricultural soybean types
  • Includes climbing forage peas for increased variety and high protein tonnage
  • Includes small amount sunflowers to provide a climbing lattice for vining legumes
  • Includes Sunn Hemp, a highly attractive forage that withstands heavy grazing and that also provides additional structure for the vining legumes to climb.
  • Provides tons of high-protein forage and is also used by deer as a bedding area

PowerPlant is also Arrest MAX approved.Whitetail Institute Arrest MAX grass herbicide can be used to control labeled grasses in PowerPlant stands.