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Advion Ant Gel Bait Insecticide Tubes - 4 x 1.06 Oz. Syringes

Advion Ant Gel

A powerful tool for broad-spectrum control
Advion ant gel is an innovative technology that can be used in many sensitive situations for outstanding ant control. Key Features
  • Advion ant gel bait targets most pest species of ants, including all key sweet feeders plus additional ant species
  • Advion ant gel features a highly attractant, homogenous formulation
  • Indoxacarb, the active ingredient, is the only member of its class of chemistry, so it performs like no other insecticide
Key Benefits
  • Ants consume more bait over an extended period, resulting in thorough control of the infestation
  • By combining a proprietary active ingredient with a highly attractive gel formulation, Advion provides a powerful tool for broad-spectrum ant control
  • The translucent, no odor, non-staining formulation maintains its integrity for extended periods

Active ingredient: Indoxacarb 0.05%