Advion Granular (Mole cricket bait)

Advion Granular (Mole cricket bait)

DuPont Advion mole cricket bait provides fast, effective control of late-stage nymph and adult mole crickets in lawn and landscape areas. Even hard-to-control tawny and southern mole crickets can not resist the unique bait matrix, combined with the potent, non-repellent active ingredient indoxacarb. Advion offers turf managers a new way to control even the toughest mole cricket populations - fast.

Active Ingredient:

Indoxacarb 0.6%

Target pests:

mole crickets

For use in:

lawns, landscaped areas, golf courses



Shipping Weight:

25.00 lbs

Manufactured By:


ADVION Mole Cricket Bait contains the active ingredient indoxacarb in a formulation that is highly attractive to mole cricket adults and nymphs. ADVION Mole Cricket Bait should be applied in the spring to control adult mole crickets before they lay eggs and in the late summer and fall to control large nymphs and newly emerged adults. For best results, apply in the late afternoon to areas of turfgrass that are infested with mole crickets. If the soil is not moist, then it is important to irrigate before application to bring the mole crickets to the soil surface where exposure to ADVION Mole Cricket Bait will be maximized. For optimal effectiveness, allow grass that is wet with dew, rainfall or irrigation to dry before application. Rainfall or irrigation within 2 to 3 days after application may reduce the effectiveness of ADVION Mole Cricket Bait.

Advion mole cricket bait is applied at the rate of 2-4 pounds per 1,000 sq. ft. or about 50 pounds per acre. Apply again in 7 days if necessary. This product can also be used in a 10-foot band around the home to keep mole cricket populations down near living areas.