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Andersons Prophesy DG Fungicide - 25 Lbs.

Andersons Prophesy DG Fungicide
Andersons Prophesy Fungicide is a systematic granular fungicide that prevents and controls dollar spot, brown patch, and red thread in turf.
It features:
  • DG PRO dispersible carrier - minimizes mowerpickup after irrigation.
  • Contains propiconazole as the fungicide activeingredient.
  • Convenient, dry-flowable formula.
  • Can be applied with rotary or drop spreader.
  • Can be applied to various turf areas such as, but notlimited to, sports fields, residential lawns, commercial properties.
  • Root absorbed for consistent uptake into the turf.

Rate of use: 2.5 lbs per 1000 square feet

Active Ingredients:
0.72% Propiconazole

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