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Aquagro 2000 G Surfactant - 44 Lbs.

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AquaGro 2000 G

A blend of non-ionic surfactants that helps uniformly wet and drain soilless growing media. AquaGro 2000 G blends easily in all types of mixes and allows water to flow uniformly. Benefits include:

  • Fast initial wetting
  • Faster, more uniform water distribution
  • Optimizes air to water ratios
  • Gets plants established quickly

AquaGro 2000 G is best for soilless mixes such as peat, bark, and coir mixes. It must be uniformly incorporated in mix prior to planting.
Rate of application:
  • Preparation of plug or propagation media: 1/2 lb. per cubic yard of mix
  • Preparation of flats, pots, hanging baskets, and nursery container mixes: 1 lb. per cubic yard of mix

Active ingredients: 24% Ethoxylated alkyl phenols
1.5% Fatty acid esters

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