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Cadence PsiMatric Surfactant - 1 Gallon

Aquatrols AquaGro L with PsiMatric Technology

A blend of surfactant chemistries specifically designed and developed to correct hydration and water/solute distribution problems associated with peat and/or bark media during production and post-production periods. Using it in every fertilizer application ensures effective water management. AquaGro L moves water (and everything it carries) uniformly throughout the rootzone, minimizing the amount lost to runoff and leaching and ultimately reducing irrigation frequency.
  • Best for indoor greenhouse production for plants grown in peat-based mixes
  • Maximizes water, fertilizer and fungicide performance while minimizing run-off, leaching and waste
  • Increases plant survival at retail
  • Save up to 50% on water, energy and labor costs
  Rate of use: when mixing with fertilizer applications, add 1/8 oz. per 100 gallons (for each application), or 1 1/4 oz. per 100 gallons (weekly), or 7 2/3 oz. per 100 gallons (every four weeks). See label for other application instructions.

Active ingredient:99% Alkoxylated Polyols

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