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B-Nine WSG Plant Growth Regulator - 5 Lbs.

B-Nine Plant Growth Regulator

Water Soluble Granules

B-Nine reduces stature in ornamental plants by reducing internode length. When applied to plant foliage, it is absorbed into the leaf and moves within the plant to growing points to reduce internode elongation through inhibiting gibberellin synthesis. Additional B-Nine benefits include a more aesthetically pleasing, compact plant with deeper green color that is more resistant to breaking during shipping.
B-Nine may be used on ornamental plants grown in commercial or research greenhouses, shadehouses, and nurseries. Containerized plants labeled for use by B-Nine are but not limited to: Azaleas, Bedding Plants/ Flowering Plants, Plugs and Liners, Chrysanthemums, Foliage Plants, Gardenias, Hydrangeas and Poinsettias.
Rate of use:Rates range from 1000-7500 PPM (refer to the product label for specific rates). Spray should be directed at the leaves and stems just to the point of run-off. Application volume should be one gallon per 200 sq. ft. of coverage.
Active ingredient:85% Daminozide

Product Label