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Baralfa x42 Alfalfa Seed - 25 Lbs.

Baralfa X42 is the next generation of hybrid alfalfas using the msSunstra Hybrid Alfalfa Technology! It features the branch rooted trait to allow it to persist and be productive in poorly drained soils. Baralfa X42 is also characterized by its aggressive, high forage yielding, high quality features. It expresses fast re-growth of dense, distinct fine stemmed forage. This fine stem characteristic makes a dense attractive alfalfa bale. As the stands of Baralfa X42 get older, the forage yield and persistence advantages become more pronounced.

1. Consistent high forage yield/Dependability of forage supply
2. Rapid recovery after harvest/Better use of growing season 3. Excellent disease resistance/Broad adaptability 4. Very dense, persistent stands/Better weed control 5. Fine stems/Attractive forage bales 6. Branch root trait/Persistent and productive in wet soils