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Biologic Hot Spot - 5 Lbs.

Remote stands often provide the best opportunity for spotting mature bucks and the worst location for a food plot. Without the ability to utilize machine cultivators or heavy amounts of soil additives, establishing a planting off the beaten trail can be challenging at best. The solution is BioLogic Hot Spot a scientifically selected blend of winter peas and buckwheat designed to be fast-germinating, extremely attractive to deer and incredibly easy to plant. No soil-tilling is required; simply clear the ground and apply the seed over a 20-yard by 20-yard area. Ideal for planting near treestands and in woodland clearings and for luring pressured bucks that shun high traffic locations.

Supported Species Whitetail Deer, Wild Turkey, Upland Birds
Northern Zone Late Summer
Transitional Zone Late Summer
Southern Zone Fall
Coverage 5 lbs per 20 yd x 20 yd square
Planting Depth 1/4 inch or less
Amount of Sunlight 4 hours or more
Soil pH 5.6 to 7.5
Fertilizer 40 lbs 10-10-10 per 20x20 yard square or 400lbs 13-13-13 per acre.
Protein Hot Spots specific job is attraction. Designed with a hunting-plot situation in mind.
Nutrition Hot Spots specific job is attraction. Designed with a hunting-plot situation in mind.
Primary Usage Expect deer to start to consume Hot Spot shortly after germination.
Soil Type Will grow in all soil types pending adequate soil moisture is available.
How to Plant BioLogic Hot Spot will germinate anywhere the seed can be raked into the soil and receive at least 1/2 day of sunlight and adequate moisture. It is designed to cover a 3,600 square foot area. Simply use a rake, leaf blower, etc. to expose the soil. For best results, apply one 40 lb. bag of pHFERTILIZER (fast-acting lime causes rapid plant growth) or a regular bag of 10-10-10 to the area to be planted. Use the specially designed BioLogic Hot Spot shaker bag to evenly broadcast the seeds. Rake the area to ensure seed to soil contact (or if possible, plant just before a rain). BioLogic Hot Spot will germinate in approximately one week, depending on soil moisture and temperature.
When to Plant BioLogic Hot Spot is formulated to germinate quickly, usually within one week of planting, and will remain extremely palatable for approximately 45 days. Plant late summer or early fall.