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Bonus Teff Grass Seed - 5 Lbs.

Bonus Teff Grass is a fine stemmed, warm-season, annual grass that producesmultiple crops of high quality forage. Bonus is one of the best performingteff grasses across various university trials and can producehigh quality forage in a short growing season.It can be usedfor all classes of livestock and produces excellent hay.

Application Bonus has broad adaptation and can be used for allclasses of livestock, including horses, dairy, beef, andsheep. Use Bonus for hay production, pasture and as anemergency forage crop. Bonus may also be seeded intothinning alfalfa stands.
A soil test is highly recommended as teff needs adequatephosphorous, potassium and sulfur for optimumgrowth. Appliyng 50 pounds of nitrogen per acre atplanting will be sufficient for good forage production.Additional amounts of nitrogen may be needed aftereach cutting. For optimum forage quality, teff shouldbe harvested in the pre-boot to early boot stage,approximately 50 days after planting at a cutting heightof 3 to 4 inches. Harvest regrowth in 35 to 45 daysdepending on environmental conditions. Attaining asoil samples and following soil test recommendationsis a good way to ensure high quality forage.
Seeding Rates
As with all teff grass, Bonus requires a frost-free growingseason. Avoid sowing seeds too deep and too farapart. Ideal depth for most forage seeds is 1/8-1/4inches. Planting seeds deeper than 1/4 inch may notallow them to establish. Sufficient seed-to-soil contactis extremely vital. Rolling or packing the soil after seedingcan ensure this. If no-tilling, the right seeding depthis 1/4 inches deep. Bonus can be broadcast seededfollowed by harrowing or packing.

  • New seeding: 8-12 (coated) lbs. or 4-6 (raw) lbs. /ac
  • Into existing alfalfa: 4-5 lbs. /ac