BoraCare with Mold-Care - 1 Gallon


Nisus Bora-Care with Mold-Care

Kills and prevents mold. Protects the home. Guaranteed

Mold doesn't just threaten homes. It's threatening homebuilders.

Mold and its potential liability is one of the big threats to homebuilders. Courts have ruled that in cases where negligence or fraud is proved, the builder's liability can stretch beyond a one-year warranty to an indefinite amount of time. Imagine being responsible for homes you built five, ten or even 20 years ago because of mold.

That's why every home you build should be pretreated with Bora-Care with Mold-Care. It creates a protective barrier against mold, termites and other wood-destroying pests. Cost-effective, Bora-Care with Mold-Care is your solution. In a brand new home, all materials contain water. For example, in the average 2000 square foot home, there is an average of five tons of water, and it can take six months to dry out.

BoraCare With MoldCare - At a glance 


  • Easy to apply
  • Acts as a bridge to a complete dry
  • Add-on profitable sale for mold protection
Rate of use: 1 gallon product to 1 gallon water. Covers 2,000 sq.ft.