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Buck Forage Chicory Seed - 4 Lbs.

Buck Forage Chicoryhas been thoroughly tested and is recommended by Dr. James C. Kroll, a.k.a. "Dr. Deer." Deer have shown high preference for Buck Forage Chicory in the fall, as well as in spring and summer. It can tolerate heavy grazing, low temperatures, and is widely adapted to areas with 30 inches or more of annual rainfall. Buck Forage Chocory has a protein content of 22-23% and is recommended for use with Buck Forage Oats to create a harvest and nutrition plot.

Planting information:
plant at a rate of 4 lbs./acre, 1/4 inch deep, in soil of at least 5.5 pH (pH of 7 is ideal). If planting with Buck Forage Oats, plant the oats first at a depth of 2 inches, then plant the chicory over the oats at a depth of 1/4 inch.