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Calabaza Pumpkin Seeds - 1 packet

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Calabaza Pumpkin Seeds

"Wonders never cease". This new pumpkin is one of the world's smallest and most interesting. Easy to grow plants will bear an average of 8 miniature pumpkins, approximately 2"5/cm. tall and 3"/8cm. in diameter. Culture: Select a sunny location and plant when all danger of frost is past and the soil has warmed. For an earlier crop, start indoors 4-6 weeks before setting out. For best results, loosen soil with spade or fork, working in vegetable food and organic matter, and smooth with rake. Firm soil over seed and keep moist. Keep soil moist and weed regularly. Harvesting: Pick fruit carefully, leaving a little stem, when the vines begin to dry out and the fruit is fully mature, usually after the first autumn frost. Do not bruise or injure. Uses: Although edible, they are most often used as table decorations and miniature Jack O' Lanterns. Properly cured pumpkins will last up to eight months.