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Charleston Gray Watermelon Seeds (heirloom variety) - 1 packet

Charleston Gray Watermelon Seeds (heirloom variety)

The leading variety for shipping and local market use east of the Rockies. Resistant to fusarium wilt. Fruits medium large, round oblong. Rind very pale, yellowish green with darker green veins. Flesh is bright pinkish-red, crisp, sweet. Seeds brown with dark veins. Culture: Direct sow seed well after last frost date when soil has warmed. Usually sown in groups (hills) 4-6 seeds and thinned to the 2-3 strongest plants per group. Can be started indoors four weeks earlier. Water regularly and fertilize when lateral runners begin to spread. Harvest: When underside turns from white to yellowish. Also, thump the melon; a dull hollow sound indicates ripeness. Nutrition: A good source of vitamins A & C.