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Citation Insect Growth Regulator - 6 x 2.66 Oz. Packets

Citation 75 WP Insect Growth Regulator
Citation is an insect growth regulator that is highly effective against major dipterous pests in ornamentals: leafminers, fungus gnats, and shore flies. It is compatible with beneficial insects and easy on plants, especially during propagation. Citadel is a 75% wettable powder, contained in small, water-soluble packets.
  • Quality plant protection
  • Effective on difficult-to-control pests, helping growers achieve an optimal yield
  • Reduces the need for plant growth regulators

Rate of use: 2.66 oz. (one packet) in 100 gallons of water per acre. See label for details specific to pest being treated.
After opening the outer container, immediately add the required number of unopened inner packets into the partially filled sprayer or mix tank. Avoid handling inner packets or exposure to moisture as mishandling may result in rupture of the packets.
Active ingredient:75% Cyromazine

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