Clear Pasture Triclopyr Herbicide - 1 Gallon

Clear Pasture Herbicide

Clear Pasture is a 4lb. Ester formulation that is more effective in controlling hard to control weeds by penetrating the waxy cuticle on the leaf tissue, causing faster uptake by the plant treated.

Rate of application: 1-8 quarts/acre for control of broadleaf weeds and woody plants. See label for detailed application instructions.

Product Type:

Use Sites: grass pastures, rangeland, CRP, forests, rights-of-way, non-crop areas, ornamental turf, industrial sites, non-irrigation ditch banks

Effective Against: woody, brush, mesquite, plants, annuals, perennial, broadleaf weeds, trees, poison oak, ivy, sycamore, maplevine

Active Ingredients: Triclopyr 61.6%

Product Label