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Collate Ethephon Plant Growth Regulator - 1 Gallon

Collate 2 Ethephon Plant Growth Regulator

Rate of application: 500 ppm (2.7 fl. oz. in 10 gallons of water); see label for details

Featuring 2 pounds of ethephon per gallon, Collate can be used to increase lateral branching in many popular ornamental varieties, including azaleas, chrysanthemums, geraniums, lantana, petunias and verbena. It is also ideal for controlling plant height and stem topple in daffodils and hyacinth, as well as delaying flowering in a wide range of ornamental crops. Ethephon, the active ingredient in Collate, has been a staple of ornamental production for years.
Active ingredient:21.7% Ethephon

Product Label