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Copper Sulfate Granular Crystals - 1 Lb.


  • Controls smelly, ugly algae in ponds & lakes
  • Controls root growth in Sewer connections

CONTAINS:Copper Sulfate (Petahydrate) 99%, Copper as metallic 25.2%

USE ON:Ponds, sewer lines.

CONTROLS: Algae in ponds, plant root growth in sewer lines.

RATE: Algae; 0.8 lbs to 2.3 lbs. per acre foot of water. Root Control; 4 treatments of 1/2 lb. each.

APPLICATION: For ponds, dissolve and apply as a surface spray or place granule in cloth bag and drag behind boat until dissolved. DO NOT simply throw granules on pond as this will not work. See label for other directions.

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