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Copper Sulfate Large Crystals - 10 Lbs.

Copper Sulfate Large Crystals

Inorganic compound and a naturally occurring mineral that can be found in a powder form or as a crystal. Copper is a necessary mineral that can be used as a pesticide to kill bacteria, plants, fungi, and pests. The copper binds to the proteins in the parasites, which causes the normal function to be disrupted and then damages the cells. Copper sulfate can additionally be used as a wood preservative to help avoid dry rotting. Also, it can be used inside the home as an antiseptic to kill off germs. Oral intake for humans should be avoided.

Characteristic Ratings
  • Supports formation of fruits
  • High absorption properties
  • Disease prevention
  • Growth stimulation for animals
  • Resourceful farm chemical.
Rate of use: For pipeline systems (toilets, etc.) - 1 cup down drains every 2 weeks or 2 cups per month.