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Diehard Palm Transplant Fertilizer - 8 Oz.

Diehard Palm Transplant Soil Amendment

Diehard Palm Transplant is formulated as a preparation to inoculate the roots of palm trees with live beneficial mycorrhizal fungi when planting. It promotes new feeder root and mycorrhizaldevelopment on newly planted palms.

Contains endo-mycorrhizae fungi, bacillus, pseudomonas & streptomyces species, humic acid, soluble sea kelp, yucca plant extract, amino acids, Trichoderma fungi, water and nutrient management gels, and root promoting vitamins. Guaranteed nutrient analysis 4-2-4 (NPK).
Improves survivability, new root growth, flowering, water absorption, nutrient availability, yields and production, and overall plant health.
Diehard Palm Transplant is packaged in 8 oz. bags that will treat a 10-12 foot palm.

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