Drexel Aircrete FM160 Foam Maker - 1 Gal


Drexel Aircrete FM160 Foam Maker

FM160 is a foaming agent designed for use in foam generating equipment. This product is temperature stable. When dispensed, this product produces a dense, readily visible, white foam of sufficient longevity under normal conditions for many applications. Using this product in field marking systems helps eliminate costly spray gaps and harmful overlaps that can occur during the application of pesticides and fertilizers.

Mixing Instructions

Fill foam generator one-fourth full with water and add the required amount of this product. Add enough water to fill foam generator to one-half full. Do not fill above one-half full as this may impair the operation of the foam generator.

The ideal foam consists of small tight cells and is not so dry as to blow away or so wet that it had nobody. Reduce air pressure if the foam is too dry. Foam droppings of 3 to 5 inches in diameter are recommended for better visibility longer stability.

Directions For Use

To produce a good quality foam, be certain to flush and clean the foam generating equipment thoroughly before each use. Apply this product at a rate of 1 gallon per 160 gallons of water. This dilution rate will produce an adequate amount of foam from most types of foam generating equipment. The best dilution rate depends on water hardness, equipment, and required foam persistence.

Note: Foam life will vary with water hardness, humidity, and temperature, and soil moisture content.