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Duo Stick Select Methylated Seed Oil (MSO) - 1 Qt.

Duo Stick Selectcontains a distinct, high-quality combination of methylated soybean oil and organosilicone surfactant. The oil is a superior penetrant that aids certain pesticides in moving through the waxy cuticle of plants and leaves for greater efficiency. In addition, the organosilicone surfactant increases spreading and wetting of the applied solution so that the active ingredient moves to and through the plant quickly. Duo Stick Select is designed for use with herbicides and may be used when the pesticide label calls for an MVO or MSO, but does not exclude the use of an organosilicone
  • Increased efficacy of most pesticide applications
  • Increased penetration of herbicides and fungicides
  • Increased nutrient availability at the roots
  • Increases the speed in which actives are available for uptake

Rate of use:16-48 oz. per 100 gallons of spray solution, depending on application. See label for instructions.