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Extinguish Professional Fire Ant Bait - 25 Lbs.

Extinguish Professional Fire Ant Bait

Extinguish Professional Fire Ant Bait contains (S)-methoprene (0.5%), an Insect Growth Regulator (IGR) that affects a fire ant queen's reproductive abilities. As existing workers die naturally, they are not replaced by a new generation. The queen eventually starves to death and the entire colony is eliminated.

Extinguish Professional Fire Ant Bait solves the problems that make control difficult and inconvenient, and can be used in many locations.
  • Approved for citrus groves, almond groves, pastures, fruit and nut tree groves, and any type of land where crops are grown
  • Approved for use on residential turf and landscapes, commercial nurseries, citrus groves and almond orchards
  • Approved for use where cattle and horses graze with no worries about withdrawal periods
  • Stops young colonies from developing into problem colonies
  • Controls and eliminates colonies--no mound movement
  • Eliminates fire and pavement ants
  • USDA Quarantine Approved

Rate of use: 1-1.5 lbs./acre; one 25 lb. bag treats 25 acres

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