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Grit Forage Bermuda Grass Pasture Blend

Barenbrug continues to bring products that increase quality and yield to the industry, and Grit forage bermudagrass blend is no outlier. With quick establishment, early production, and many other desirable traits, Grit will bring added profitability to your acres.


From research and development to the actual planting of our products by our customers, Barenbrug continues to make great strides in the industry. The introduction of Grit to the marketplace is no different. A seeded bermudagrass possesses several advantages compared to cuttings or sprigs, and Grit will bring early production, several cuttings, decreased costs, and overall increased ease of use for anyone looking to seed Grit this spring.” 

Joel Reagan, Forage Product Manager, Barenbrug USA Professional Division


The key features of Grit forage bermudagrass blend include:

• Early spring green-up

• Extreme drought tolerance

• Fast establishment

• Winter hardiness

• Quick cover

• Adaptation to all areas where bermudagrass is grown

• Decreased costs compared to sprigs or cuttings


Barenbrug has further enhanced Grit with our groundbreaking Yellow Jacket enhanced seed coating. Each seed is surrounded by a natural water-absorbent material made from corn starch aiding in germination. Studies have shown that under reduced irrigation, seed that has been coated with our proprietary Yellow Jacket produced significantly more biomass per acre at three different seeding rates.


Seeding Rate: 12-15 Lbs./acre