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Guard-N OMRI (Organic) Seed Inoculant - 6 Oz.

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Guard-N Seed Inoculant

OMRI Listed for organic use. Treats up to 50 Lbs.

Guard-N can be applied either by using the slurry method or the sprinkle method. The slurry method will result in better seed adhesion by the inoculant. Mix inoculant and seed thoroughly to ensure the seed is completely covered. Re-inoculate seed if not planted within 24 hours of application. Although the contents are organic, prolonged or repeated skin contact and inhalation are not recommended.

This inoculant covers many common legume garden crops, including beans, peas, lima beans, soybeans and 60 other species.

Sprinkle Method:

Moisten seed in a planter box at a rate of 8.5 oz. of clean, non-chlorinated water per 50 lbs. of seed. Add inoculant and mix thoroughly.

Slurry Method:

Measure appropriate amount of inoculant to treat desired seed. (6 oz. per 50 lbs. of seed). Add non-chlorinated water (8.5 oz. per 50 lbs. of seed) into mix of seed and inoculant. Mix water, seed, and inoculant thoroughly until seed is uniformly coated. Mixing is best accomplished using a container outside the planter box.


  • Bradyrhizobium sp.
  • Bradyrhizobium japonicum
  • Rhizobium leguminosarum biovar phaseoli
  • Rhizobium leguminosarum biovar viceae

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