Heritage G Granular Fungicide (Azoxystrobin) - 30 Lbs.

Heritage G Granular Fungicide

Heritage G
is a systemic strobilurin fungicide in a granular formulation, and specifically formulated for controlling disease up to a 28-day window on turf grasses. It features the carrier DG-Lite, which allows it to disperse under minimal water requirements, even a heavy dew.

  • Controls many turf diseases, including brown patch, red thread, Pythium, Anthracnose, gray leaf spot, snow mold, take-all patch, leaf spot, summer patch and necrotic ring spot
  • Root absorption method helps reduce accumulation of the product granules on grass leaf blades
  • Granular formulation allows maintenance with a fungicide application program even when weather conditions prohibit spraying, or when smaller spot treatments are more convenient
  • High solubility of the DG-Lite carrier allows the active ingredient to quickly and thoroughly reach leaves
  • The DG-Lite carrier virtually eliminates granule pickup into mower clippings baskets, product residue on shoes or golf balls and granule "washaway" during heavy rains
  • Uptake by the roots, crown and xylem; systemic movement allows the product to reach new growth

Recommended rate of use:
2-4 lbs./1000 sq. ft.

Active ingredient: 0.31% Azoxystrobin