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Imperial Whitetail Pure Attraction - 26 Lbs.

Imperial Whitetail Pure Attraction establishes quickly and gives the one-two punch of early and late season deer attraction. Pure Attraction's early-season attraction and nutrition come from Whitetail Oats and winter peas. Whitetail Institute forage brassicas provide abundant forage during the coldest months of the winter. You'll be amazed at how quickly and hard the deer will hit it.
  • Includes Whitetail Oats, a high-sugar, cold-tolerant oat that's only available in Whitetail Institute products
  • Includes Whitetail Institute's highly attractive "lettuce-type" brassicas
  • Establishes and grows quickly
  • EXTREMELY drought and cold tolerant
  • Early and late season attraction and tonnage

26 Lbs. plants a half acre.