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Jecta Injectable Borate Gel - 10 Oz.

Jectais a termiticide, insecticide and fungicide that kills and controls:
  • Drywood termites
  • Subterranean termites
  • Formosan termites
  • Wood destroying beetles
  • Carpenter ants
  • Decay fungi
  • The effectiveness of Bora-Care in a gel form for sealed or hard-to-reach wood.
  Normally, your pest control company would use Bora-Care liquid termiticide to protect your home from wood destroying organisms such as termites and decay fungi, but sometimes using Bora-Care isn't practical or possible. Your home may contain structural wood that is already sealed by paint or another method and can't be penetrated by Bora-Care. Perhaps there are areas that are just too difficult to reach using a liquid or foaming application method. Or maybe you have a wooden structure inside your house, such as a window frame, or on your property, such as a fence, that is in contact with the ground or another moisture source.   For these kinds of situations, Bora-Care comes in a form known as Jecta. Jecta is a ready-to-use injectable borate gel used by your pest control company to protect sealed or inaccessible wood from termites and other wood destroying organisms. It is typically used to reach places where Bora-Care cannot be applied effectively, and for wood in contact with a concentrated pest or moisture source like soil. Jecta's patented carrier system facilitates rapid penetration throughout wood of any moisture content.