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Lemon Basil Seed (heirloom variety) - 1 packet

Lemon Basil Seed

Lemony scented green leaves, white flowers. Adds a lemony aroma and flavor to teas, chicken, fish, and vegetable. Used in making herb vinegars. This warm weather annual grows bushy and about 12" (30cm) tall. Culture: Slow to germinate. Sow indoors 6-7 weeks from last front date. Transplant outdoors in sunny spot after weather warms, about 18" (45 cm) apart or grow in the containers. Or direct sow just before last frost date. Water regularly and fertilize when plants are 6" (15cm) tall. Pinch stem tips to increase bushiness. Harvest: Pick leaves just before flowers open, cutting the stems above the small side shoots which will grow later.