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Lontrel Specialty Herbicide - 1 Quart

Lontrel Turf and Ornamental Herbicide

Lontrel turf and ornamental herbicide works slowly and thoroughly to control clover, dandelion, thistle and other growing broadleaf weeds without injuring many species of turfgrass, woody ornamentals and conifers. The active ingredient, clopyralid, attacks all parts of the plant, including the root system. Target weeds readily absorb clopyralid, which translocates throughout the plant to prevent root growth and disrupt water intake. After an application of Lontrel, weeds stop competing with the surrounding plantings for sunlight, water and nutrients. They eventually stop growing, wither and die.
Where to use Lontrel:Although it's labeled for use on both warm- and cool-season turf, Lontrel is especially ideal for use on the warm-season varieties because it doesn't harm or discolor them the way some herbicides do. It's also excellent for use in sod farms and in high-use areas such as parks, golf courses and other public facilities. Plus, its low odor formula becomes rainfast in two hours.
Lontrel can be applied over-the-top of growing, established turf but should only be spot directed at ornamentals in landscape situations.
Rate of application: 0.25-1.33 pints/acre. In California, Florida, and New York the maximum use rate is 2/3 pint/acre per growing season.
Active ingredient: 40.9 % Clopyralid

Do not use on residential turf. Turfgrass and lawn uses are restricted to non-residential sites.Do not use grass clippings from turf treated with Lontrel for mulch or compost.

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